Tournament Rules


Insurance: All teams are required to have club liability insurance and all players are required to have individual health insurance.

CIPP: All players are required to be CIPPed with USA Rugby to play and number must be provided with paperwork prior to tournament.

Touch Judge: Each team is required to provide a knowledgeable touch judge for each of their matches.

Kit Requirements: All teams must take the field in matching kit.  Numbered jerseys are preferred and will be required for championship matches.

Rosters: Roster size is unlimited.  All teams must submit their rosters at least 30 minutes prior to the first game.

Cross-rostering: Cross-rostering is permitted as long as everyone playing with a given team is noted on the roster.

Discipline: Any player ordered off the pitch for disciplinary reasons will be forbidden from playing in any matches for the remainder of the tournament.  The referee is responsible for filing an appropriate report with the PRU and the player’s local union.

Substitutions: Pool Play matches and Consolation matches will allow open subs.  Semi-final and Final matches will be limited to 6 substitutions per team, unless both teams agree to allow open subs.  The decision around substitutions in these matches must be determined prior to the match.

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